PJ’s Roastery on Chartres

PJ's Roastery on PetersThe weather predictors promised thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, but fortunately, upon checking the radar, I saw that I had a window of opportunity for a nice bike ride this evening.  The rain is pouring down as I write this, but it was warm and muggy and perfect when I headed out.  I took Jack, and went clipless, because I’ve got to get over the little niggling fear I have of being stuck to my bike.  Continue reading

On Piety

On PietyToday reminded me of summer.  I rode my bike just to ride and taste the wind.  The day started with rain, but then it let up and the sun was shining and I felt free, zipping through Uptown for a lunch date with A.  I wasn’t sure where my bike would take me after that, but I overheard some folks talking about some installation art on Piety.  Continue reading