Safety Signs in Storage at 26th & Charles

Safety Signs in Storage at 26th & CharlesWednesday was another commute in a long week of commutes in crazy weather. I misread the reports and decked myself out for a monsoon, plastic pants and all. Yeah, I didn’t quite need those. The commute went off without incident, to and from, until I started up Charles from the station to home. Charles has been under construction for awhile now, inching closer and closer to North Avenue. This is a main drag of Baltimore’s White Stripe, and it was in terrible condition–time for a real fix, inconvenient and dusty as it might be. Continue reading

Cyclist Using the St. Claude Bike Lane at St. Claude and Press

The weather report promised a 100+ degree heat index, so I was a little anxious when heading downtown for a quick Saturday afternoon bike ride, but oh, the difference some clouds make! I headed down to the St. Claude bike lane to take some pictures for D., who will be talking about our fancy bike lane at a conference this weekend. Dodging Ole Miss fans wasn’t easy, but I made it to St. Claude and Press and set myself up to snap some photos. Continue reading

View From 1440 Canal, 23rd Floor

After zipping up to Tulane for the first day of summer school I took the Surly downtown for a meeting of the KidsWalk coalition. There were representatives from a whole bunch of interested parties–Metro Bicycle Coalition, Regional Planning Commission, Neighborhoods Partnership Network, Safe Routes to School, the AARP, the Department of Public Works, and several other groups. Turns out, there are lots of stakeholders in making our streets and sidewalks navigable for everyone. Continue reading