Dr. King Charter School Marching Band on N. Villere & St. Anthony

It was a positively beautiful Saturday in New Orleans and I spent much of it on my bicycle, riding around–surprise, surprise. I headed to campus to get a little work done in my office, and as I was leaving to enjoy the ride, I discovered a flat tire. When will I learn to carry an extra tube? The puncture was incredibly small, and I couldn’t find it, and the sinks in the public restroom didn’t have stoppers, which meant I was doomed to lose my dignity and stick my hands and the tube in the toilet. Sigh. Continue reading

A Hole in a Tire on an Uptown Bicycle

Technicially, this is something I saw before I rode my bike around today. Last Sunday’s tire puncture has been growing all week long, and on last night’s ride, I could feel the thump-a thump-a thump-a of something going on back there, if you know what I mean. Oh, this situation is beyond repair, isn’t it? I did the math, and this tire went at least 4,000 miles, which seems pretty decent for the tire that came with the bike. I thought I might be able to get one last ride in before my new tire comes in tomorrow, so I hopped on the Surly and headed to the Treme to meet some friends for lunch. Yeah. The tire burst on O.C. Haley and Euterpe. N. picked me up–we’re good friends, so I avoided the well-earned “I told you so”–and after lunch, the bike and I were back home. New tires tomorrow, folks. I’m excited.

Free Vegetarian Dinner! at the Hare Krishna House on Esplanade

Free Vegetarian Dinner!It’s Jazz Fest weekend, something one can’t fail to notice here in New Orleans.  I spent yesterday at the fest in Lafayette and today recovering.  But when folks were gathering on a porch in Mid-City this evening, I decided to hop on my bike and head over there to watch the crowds stumble home and hear tales of festing from my friends.  Continue reading