Dr. King Charter School Marching Band on N. Villere & St. Anthony

It was a positively beautiful Saturday in New Orleans and I spent much of it on my bicycle, riding around–surprise, surprise. I headed to campus to get a little work done in my office, and as I was leaving to enjoy the ride, I discovered a flat tire. When will I learn to carry an extra tube? The puncture was incredibly small, and I couldn’t find it, and the sinks in the public restroom didn’t have stoppers, which meant I was doomed to lose my dignity and stick my hands and the tube in the toilet. Sigh. Continue reading

Tomato Plant at the 7th Ward Neighborhood Center

Like most folks who ride bikes all the time, sometimes I’m riding for transportation–I’m just trying to get somewhere. Like last night, when I was just trying to get home and it was late and I was tired and I needed a snack. I still stopped and snapped a picture of a weird stripe of blue paint on a building, but mostly I was just riding home. Today, though, I spent in my very favorite way, just riding slowly around the city, getting myself lost and found again. Continue reading

Remnants Of An Old Drugstore at St. Bernard and Broad

I had one of those days where I woke up a little grumpy and it just got worse as lots of little irritations and annoyances added up. The only answer was, of course, a long bike ride in the sun under a frighteningly blue sky. I zeroed out my inbox (nothing prettier than an empty inbox!) and hopped on the Surly for a ride. Continue reading

Trains at Galvez and St. Ferdinand

Oliver Train Depot at GalvezI took Jack out for a ride this afternoon, and it felt so, so good. It was either a little bit cooler or I’ve acclimated, and that made biking around town much more pleasant.  I planned to ride down to the Marigny hoping to find the bike shop open for a payday treat, but got sidetracked Uptown, watching a movie shoot. Continue reading