Houses on Delachaise between Magazine and Camp

Uptown and the Garden District are probably the two ritziest neighborhoods in Orleans Parish. When biking around, you can absolutely tell when you’ve crossed from Uptown in to Central City. There aren’t nearly as many trees, whole blocks are blighted, some streets feel empty. And the Garden District? Hell, Sandra Bullock lives here! Continue reading

Brady House at Camp and Conery

Spaceship House at Camp and ConeryI had an incredible amount of stuff to get done today and was feeling stretched thin. But then I remembered that some of those errands could be run by bike, slowly, along side streets. That always, always makes me feel better. Bikes are like that–a guaranteed fix for most stresses. Continue reading

Abandoned Drug Store on Prytania

I have been out of town, without bicycle, for over a week, and it feels like forever.  It turns out I really *do* need to ride to feel right.  I have been away for good reasons to good places, but I was happy to get back on Rhoda today, if only for a task ride to the gym and back.  I recently moved to a tiny cottage behind a fancy house in the Garden District, and this has changed the complexion of my task rides.  Where I used to start out on bumpy roads passing an abandoned playground, I now start out on smooth roads passing fancy mansions.  Continue reading

The Van Benthuysen-Elms Mansion on St. Charles

After taking the day off from riding yesterday (I was sore from chasing the streetcar up St. Charles the previous evening), I was itching to get on the bike today.  Continue reading