Trash, Geese, and Goslings on a Pier on the Gwynns Falls Trail Near Broening Park

Trash, Geese, and Goslings on a Pier on the Gwynns Falls Trail Near Broening ParkThe weather report promised rain all week, including all day today, threatening to wash out R.’s birthday bike ride. But then it was just kind of gray in the morning, and then the sun came out, so what the hell, we said, let’s through caution to the wind and ride our bikes, predictions be damned! We are risk takers, what. After loading up on carbs at the local coffee shoppe, we headed down the hill and around the stadiums to the start of the Gwynns Falls Trail behind BARCS for another ride around the harbor. Continue reading

Geese and Oil Drums on the Water in Canton at East & Boston

Geese and Oil Drums on the Water in Canton at East & BostonI woke up to rain and a report of rain to come, but seriously, what am I going to do–drive the five miles down the hill to the gym? I don’t think so. Lucky me, the rain stopped early, and it was a gray but dry ride down the hill and to the left to Canton for my last swimming lesson with Rob. He wore me out in the pool, and my legs were heavy as I left the gym to head home. I walked across the parking lot to check out the water, slowing my step-and-roll to try not to panic the geese. They heard me at once and started their move away, toward the oil drums at the end of the block, against a horizon of shipping cranes and giant military ships and new condos and that Korean War Memorial at Waterfront Park. I wonder if the geese notice any of their background, or if all they need’s the grass. For me, looking up from the bike is when I see the layers and layers of what we’re doing here, and then it’s back on the bike to pedal home, past all the stuff. Rain or shine, take your bike.

A Goose at Audubon Park

My legs are tired in that you-need-a-day-off-the-bike way, so today’s ride was an easy breezy commute followed by some low-gear riding around Audubon Park after work. I have been feeling out of sorts for the past few days–it happens–and I wasn’t feeling particularly chipper as I weaved through the rush hour crowds doing laps, and even the casual ride felt forced. Continue reading

Geese Napping at Lake Merritt

Geese Napping at Lake MerrittToday’s my last day in the Bay Area, and I spent the afternoon tooling around on the bicycle, running errands for S., who is still recovering from surgery. I went to the drug store, the grocery for flowers, and then the bakery. Oh, the bakery. Continue reading