Gert Town Pool at Stroelitz & Lowerline

I was going to head straight home after work today, but I decided to take a little ride first. I headed toward the bike lane on Carrollton. I took a left or two and ended up on Hamilton, that street where you take a left at the yellow house to get on the Earhart Expressway. Well, I am not going to ride my bicycle on the expressway, so I continued through the light for a ride around Hollygrove. Continue reading

Our Recovery in Progress Sign at Evans Playground at LaSalle and Valmont

It’s the first day of school–one of my very favorite days of the year. I got up early, polished my apple, and hopped on the Surly to meet this season’s new recruits. Three classes and a burrito later and I was back on the bike heading downtown for a stop at the gym, which today was just an excuse to lounge in the steam room. Continue reading

Lemann Pool at Lafitte and Prieur

Oh, I had a most lovely Sunday! I spent the morning finishing a book and then working on my own. Then I lathered on the sunscreen and headed out on the Surly, to the library for a replacement read, then to A.’s yard sale for a blueberry delivery. I rode to Mid-City for lunch and some iced tea and, frankly, some air conditioning. See how long it took for me to remark on the fact that it is incredibly, outrageously, downright filthy hot around here right now? Continue reading