Tent and Safety Barrel Under the JFX at Gay & Fallsway

Tent and Safety Barrel Under the JFX at Gay & FallswaySpring has sprung, and that means the return of the Farmer’s Market under the JFX in downtown Baltimore. That’s on Sunday, though, so on Saturday I walked up to the year-round Waverly Farmer’s Market with N., both of us aspirationally dressed–it wasn’t nearly as warm as we though it should be, apparently. That didn’t stop me from wearing the same outfit for an afternoon ride down to Pigtown to celebrate A. and K.’s impending baby–I can’t wait to get her her first balance bike! So yeah, it was a chilly and super-windy ride, worth it, though, to feel air on naked legs as my skirt blew back in the breeze. Continue reading

Fenced-Off Parking Lot at the New Orleans Mission

It was another hot and muggy early summer day in New Orleans, so I was a bit of a mess by the time I got to campus for class this morning. I dropped off some paperwork with an administrator who told me she wants to ride her bike, but she just can’t stand feeling like, you know–(insert gesture at me)–that. Fair enough, fair enough. But I actually love that warm-all-over feeling you get after a brisk short ride in our thick, sweaty air. Fortunately, I am able to ride, and she doesn’t have to. Continue reading

Abandoned City Hall Annex at Canal and Tonti

Abandoned City Hall Annex on Canal at TontiI was tired after a long day, but I couldn’t let this first cool(ish) evening go without getting out for a ride on the Surly. It was positively lovely out there. I headed over to Canal and rode over and along Bayou St. John, where lots of folks were out enjoying the cooler and drier air. Continue reading

Hotel on St. Charles in the CBD

Hotel on St. Charles in the CBDI rode my bike down to the Treme tonight for a party at M. & M.’s place. I went ready to dance, and dance I did. I had such a good time, seeing friends I’ve not seen in a while, an old student or two, colleagues. It was a delightfully motley crew. Continue reading

NOPD Homeless Assistance Collaborative Under the Pontchartrain Expressway

The I10 Underpass at DryadesYou remember those scenes of people stranded on the freeways, waiting to get out of New Orleans after the levees broke? Well, people are still stuck on freeways–only now, underneath them. I snapped this picture of the underpass on Dryades as I crossed in to the CBD from the Lower Garden District. Continue reading