Tent and Safety Barrel Under the JFX at Gay & Fallsway

Tent and Safety Barrel Under the JFX at Gay & FallswaySpring has sprung, and that means the return of the Farmer’s Market under the JFX in downtown Baltimore. That’s on Sunday, though, so on Saturday I walked up to the year-round Waverly Farmer’s Market with N., both of us aspirationally dressed–it wasn’t nearly as warm as we though it should be, apparently. That didn’t stop me from wearing the same outfit for an afternoon ride down to Pigtown to celebrate A. and K.’s impending baby–I can’t wait to get her her first balance bike! So yeah, it was a chilly and super-windy ride, worth it, though, to feel air on naked legs as my skirt blew back in the breeze. Continue reading

Apples For Sale at the Waverly Farmer’s Market


I woke up early and at S.’s behest, hopped on my bicycle and pedaled up the hill and back down again to the Waverly farmer’s market. Every part of me thinks farmer’s markets are awesome. I mean, dedicated market, local food, small farms–Our Farms, Our Future, as my license plate says. I have no idea why a brief jaunt that way hasn’t shaped every Saturday, but there you go. I got a cup of coffee, a spinach empanada (using that word very loosely), and then did a tour of the offerings. I picked up some arugula for the spiciness, sweet potatoes for the sweetness, and, after milling about these most lovely apples, some pears. I piled my stuff in my bike bag, made a stop at The Book Thing–all the free books you can carry!–and rode home. What a lovely way to start a Saturday.