The Inside of the 35 Bus on Wilkens Avenue

I only had a meeting this afternoon up on campus, so I figured it was the perfect chance to ride my bike to campus. I scrawled down a thousand turn-by-turns from the googleymaps, shoved the piece of paper in my bra, and pushed off down the hill on another new route. I took a wrong turn here and a wrong turn there, but eventually I was on Lafayette and going the right way and once I hit Monroe, I knew what to do (right, left, wave, right, coast, pedal, pedal pedal, pant, pant pant). Continue reading

Beignets & Coffee at Cafe du Monde


I spent the day in Lafayette at the Festival Internationale, but to get there I had to ride in a car. Fortunately it was a carpool, so I got to ride my bike down to the Treme to meet up with S., R., and M. The car ride was long, but the day was perfect–sunny, breezy, music and dancing, and fried catfish over rice with etouffe. I was going to treat myself to a funnel cake, but the place called the “Dutch cakes,” and I just couldn’t abide that. Back in New Orleans, I got back on the bike and headed to Cafe du Monde for beignets and a large cafe au lait. Suck it, Dutch cake! And look in the background–that’s my bike. Ain’t she a dream? What a lovely ending to a lovely day.