Beignets and Coffee at Cafe Du Monde on Decatur


I haven’t felt much in the mood for bicycling in the past couple of days. Crazy, I know, but as my days in New Orleans wind down, I feel myself moving to walking speed. Yesterday I paced back and forth through the Quarter, picking up $10 in the process. Today I drove around town running errands and shipping the first bunch of boxes to Baltimore. Tonight I walked over to the bar/restaurant for dinner and drinks with friends, some of whom I met too late, but isn’t that always the way. M. walked me homr for some conversation and cat talking with Z. I walked her to her truck and took her offered ride to Cafe du Monde for late night beignets and coffee, a nice walk home to follow. I can see the outlines of the goodbye tour; sometimes the bike ride is simply be too fast. Oh, I miss you already. Sometimes you just need to walk it off.

Beignets & Coffee at Cafe du Monde


I spent the day in Lafayette at the Festival Internationale, but to get there I had to ride in a car. Fortunately it was a carpool, so I got to ride my bike down to the Treme to meet up with S., R., and M. The car ride was long, but the day was perfect–sunny, breezy, music and dancing, and fried catfish over rice with etouffe. I was going to treat myself to a funnel cake, but the place called the “Dutch cakes,” and I just couldn’t abide that. Back in New Orleans, I got back on the bike and headed to Cafe du Monde for beignets and a large cafe au lait. Suck it, Dutch cake! And look in the background–that’s my bike. Ain’t she a dream? What a lovely ending to a lovely day.

Beignets and Cafe au Lait at Cafe du Monde

It was another sunny and warm(ish) day in New Orleans, perfect for another ride on the bike. Today I headed up to the office to print stuff out and make copies and get my mind set for back-to-school on Monday. And then it was time for the Saints. I raced to the grocery to pick up snacks and then biked down to the Treme for a viewing party. Continue reading

Beignet Debris at Cafe du Monde

I’m not usually a big fan of New Year’s Eve. It’s too much mandatory drinking and fun and dancing, and I like to be in charge of those things myself, no matter what the calendar says. But I headed out on my bike this evening, hell-bent on making a go of it this year. And man, did I have a good time. Continue reading

John Brown’s New Orleans Sidewalk Astronomy at Cafe du Monde

John Brown's New Orleans Sidewalk AstronomyTonight’s bike ride took me over to the Treme to watch some TV with D. and friends. The evening air felt oddly cool; it’s only August, and it already feels like fall! I’m sure it will warm up again, but I’m just a bit nervous that summer’s over. Continue reading

Palm Tree at Harrah’s

Palm Tree at Harrah'sI waited all day for midnight to roll around, because that meant it was my birthday, one of my very favorite days of the year, even if I do have to share it with my twin sister. Some people hate their birthdays, hate getting older, hate something, I don’t know what. Me? I love it. Continue reading

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson Square

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson SquareI got a text from S. this morning asking if anybody wanted to get a bagel or beignets.  She had me at beignets.  I hopped on Rhoda and sped down to the Quarter to Cafe du Monde, listening to that sort of music that makes you feel like it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re aliveContinue reading

My Bike at Cafe du Monde

Locking My Bike at Cafe du MondeMy sister is in town this week, and we are having a fantastic time.  But that does mean I haven’t been riding my bike as much.  So while she spent the day at the Pop Culture Association meetings, I took the chance to take Jack on a speedy ride to work.  It was a beautiful day in New Orleans, and it felt amazing to be back on the bike.  Continue reading

The National Guard at Jackson Square

Today was my first full day back in New Orleans, and I spent much of it on N.’s bike, riding around to see what folks are up to. The rush of being back to the city and seeing it relatively unscathed is wearing off, and today I found myself feeling profoundly sad. Continue reading