Waiting on the Train at St. Claude and Homer Plessy Way

A train stalled on the tracks in the dark.

Ok, so this isn’t what I saw riding my bike around today, but I’ve been in a writing funk that I’m climbing out of, so I’m going to write about some past bike rides as I get back in the habit of biking and writing about it. This picture is from a ride I took back in early November. I was in New Orleans for the American Studies Association annual conference, the first in person since my last trip in November 2019. It was so, so good to be there, to see so many old friends, to be all sweaty and hot in November. I was going for the intellectual community, the colleagues and friends, but if I’m being real, I was going there for the biking.

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Feats of Engineering at the Huey P. Long Bridge From the Levee Path

The weather outside today was simply beautiful, enough so that I didn’t mind having to be in my office at noon to meet J., who calls that the crack of dawn (which it sort of is, for a Sunday). After a quick meeting I rode over to catch the Tulane women’s basketball team in their CUSA showdown against Houston. Continue reading

Overturned Trash Can On Levee Path In Jefferson Parish

Toppled Trash Can on the LeveeIt has been cold and windy the past few days, but that hasn’t kept me off my bike.  I finally recovered from Mardi Gras madness and got some long rides in this weekend.  I didn’t plan to go out today, but I was in a bit of a foul mood after work this afternoon and knew a ride on the new bike would make everything shinier.  And it did.  Continue reading