Orleans Parish Criminal District Court at Tulane & Broad

I woke up this morning to gray skies and the tease of rain, so I stayed in bed with my book for a couple of hours. The rain never turned into much more than spit, so I took the bike instead of the car (phew) when it was time to head over to R.’s for her housewarming party. Continue reading

Building Being Demolished at S. Lopez & Palmyra

Today’s bike ride took me to Mid-City for much-needed iced tea with R. before joining A. and M. for margaritas (much-appreciated, in not needed). M. has a blog where she’s taking a picture of herself every day while growing out her hair. Like my sister’s blog, where she’s logged her lunch every single day for three years (and no, I don’t think she’s missed even one day), this one sounds strangely specific, something you wouldn’t check out unless you were her mom. Continue reading

Poker Night in Mid-City


I spent my morning at home finishing one book and starting another, and then I got to ride my bike over to C.’s house–she just got a bicycle and wanted a little practice with a fellow bicyclist, and I was more than happy to oblige. We rode Uptown for ice cream–a terrific sacrifice on my part–and then back to her place. Then I pedaled slowly around town running errands before meeting up with R. for gelato. My life is so hard. I did some grading and some thinking and some cooking and then it was time to take the bike out to Mid-City for poker at A. and G.’s. Good lord, I love a nighttime bike ride, and Orleans Avenue, you do treat me right. I snapped this picture of my quickly diminishing stack of chips and the thankfully almost-empty bottle of grape wine with citrus spirits. I lost, but it was a most lovely evening, and Orleans awaits. Night riding in the summertime, lucky me.

Hellenic Dancers at Wisner & Robert E. Lee

Another day feeling out of sorts, another day riding the bike to try to reset. I headed out in the heat of the day toward Mid-City to check out Greek Fest on the Bayou–Opa! It is really, really hot out there, so I was a soggy mess by the time I made it through City Park and up the Wisner bike path to Robert E. Lee. I paid my five bucks, filled out my raffle ticket, and wandered in. Continue reading

Bicyclists Riding Over the Broad Street Overpass at I10

I’m not good at riding a bike with other people. I am bad at setting a pace and I’m bad at following a pace, so group rides aren’t my favorite. Also, for me, time on the bike is time to myself to just silently look around and think about stuff or think about nothing, so it took a little something to get me out of bed this morning and onto the bike to meet several hundred other people on bikes for the third annual Bicycle Second Line. Continue reading

Blue Sky, Clouds, and Power Lines at N. Peters & Bienville

I spent my morning finishing up my book and dismantling furniture for my upcoming move before heading out on the bike for various and sundry social activities in Mid-City. I stopped for a burrito and an afternoon sangria with myself–a favorite Saturday afternoon activity of mine. Continue reading

Writing on the Wall at BreakOUT!’s New Space on Broad & Euphrosine

I spent most of my day at home packing, breaking only for a walk to the gelateria for a whole lot of gelato. I taped up one last box in the evening and then headed out on the bike to ArtEgg Studios under the expressway on Broad for the opening party for BreakOUT!‘s new space that will serve as their headquarters for youth organizing against the criminalization of  GLBTQ youth . Continue reading

Cement Truck and Workers at Camp and Louisiana


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: commuting by bike means you get to ride your bike every single day, no matter what. I had a lot of stuff to do today, but I got there on my bike, which meant 12 or so miles of spinning along in the sunshine. I started with a ride over to Mid-City to help R. move into her new place (congrats!) followed by a ride to campus to meet with a student and finish up prep for summer school, which starts in two weeks. After a quick stop at the grocery I headed home. My head was busy busy, so on that last couple of miles I tried to get out of my head and really look. There was that all-white house that’s so white it almost glows, a plot of wildflowers (though I guess they’ve been domesticated if they’re living in a yard), a clump of bright orange gerber daisies, that boat (do you think it ever sees water?), and then, as I crossed Delachaise on Camp, this cement truck and a whole bunch of workers making the rust-colored cement smooth as ice in that massive driveway. Why is a cement truck unloading cement that’s spread like frosting so satisfying? This morning when I rolled out they were lacing the ground with steel, and by the time I had dropped my groceries and met with my writing group the place was all done and a little boy was hanging out and getting the skinny from the workers on the big project. I guess I’m not the only one who wants to watch.

Parked Cars on a Lawn on S. Lopez Near Esplanade


I got to get up at 6:30 this morning and ride my bike to work–yes, all of this is happening on a Saturday–to give a final exam. We all sat there dutifully, them scribbling along, me looking busy, for four hours. Sigh. I was tired, but the day was lovely, so I rode over to Mid-City to see R.’s new apartment and then just pedaled around until I found D. on a porch. It’s Jazz Fest time, so everybody is on the porch and watching the crowds roll by. I snapped this picture from a most beautiful porch while D. and M. moved cars around like Tetris pieces. Yeah, I’m glad I took my bike, as were those folks walking the wrong way down Esplanade who could ask me, because I wasn’t locked up in a car, “Where is Jazz Fest?” A couple beers and several conversations later and I was pedaling along empty streets on my way home, smooth and mindless circles. I picked up Bicycling Magazine from home and grabbed a salad on the corner. Colin McEnroe writes, “Look what I’ve accomplished, and I have 14 whole gears I haven’t even touched yet.” Oh my, exactly.

Blue Sky & Clouds Over Lake Pontchartrain

Today was my last day of classes for the semester, and in the fall, I’ll be teaching somewhere else. It all felt rather bittersweet. I have loved teaching at Tulane. I enjoy the students, my colleagues, the Take Your Professor to Lunch program (I’ve been eating with charming students on the college’s dime for weeks now), Doug in Media Services, the two way mirror separating me from R. in our basement offices inside the old children’s anxiety clinic (no, really–it’s nice down there (that’s what she said)), and all the campus cats. Fortunately, I get to teach summer school, so I’ll be eased out slowly. Continue reading