Leaking Water at 36th & Falls Road

Leaking Water at 36th & FallsThe rain stopped today, so I stayed dry on my ride up to Hampden to meet N. for beer, fried things, and some football. We got there early to grab seats, and we waited for the sports bar–a place covered in televisions and filled with purple jerseys–to turn up the sound. A guy asked if they’d turn on the sound, and the server asked, “Which game?” I think this might be a sports bar opened by hipsters who don’t actually watch sports, but once we were all sorted, we were set. Continue reading

Uncovered Manhole at 6th and Constance

Uncovered Manhole at Sixth and ConstanceIt was another brisk but sunny day in New Orleans, perfect for riding around.  I went mostly on task rides today and rode home on Constance Street.  I usually just take Magazine, but Constance is smooth, recently repaved, almost as nice as Baronne or even Hampson.  Continue reading

Water Leak on Freret

The rain was coming down this afternoon, but that didn’t mean I was getting off my bike.  We just got back together, you know.  So I bought a $3 poncho from the bargain store and just rode around, running various errands and enjoying the cool weather.  Continue reading