Sidewalk Art in the Marigny

GraffitiYesterday’s snow was beautiful, but today’s dry, sunny weather was most welcome, even though it was really, really cold.  I hopped on my bike for a ride down to the Marigny to finish some grading.  It felt great to be back on the bike and on a longer ride.  A. lent me a hat that goes over my ears, I put on some gloves, and all in all, the cold really wasn’t too bad.  I was saddened to discover, however, that I forgot my camera.  And I saw so many things today: that house over by Sound Cafe that is falling down has been propped up while the curb out front is painstakingly rebuilt (interesting priorities!), the facade is going up on Victory Theater at the WWII Museum (why is the National WWII Museum in New Orleans?), Glassblowing is happening NOW, and the light was just perfect in the Quarter.  But then I remembered a few things.  I don’t need to take a picture to see what I see.  Sure, but also, more pragmatically, I have a camera on my cell phone.  So I snapped this photo of graffiti on the sidewalk outside the new Orange Couch cafe.  I love the art on sidewalks here in New Orleans.  Street names are embedded in tiles on corners, names are etched in to concrete, and then there are these little graffiti paintings scattered all over town.  You’ve got to pay attention when you’re riding around this place, camera or no.  And I like this picture, because that’s not just a little bit of splash concrete art, but that’s also the shadow of my bike tire.  I love my bike–it’s my bit of art in the city.

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