Sunshine at Prytania and Peniston

Sunshine at Prytania and PenistonIt was downright beautiful in New Orleans today.  And I mean beautiful.  I put on a short skirt, heels, and my helmet and sped off to work feeling like a little girl with no responsibilities.  At least, I felt like that until I got to the office and had to work.  But the ride home was even nicer, because I’ve got tomorrow off and a whole world to bike through.  I stopped to take this picture at the corner of Peniston and Prytania because it was exactly what a beautiful day here looks like to me.  The sun is breaking through bushy tree leaves and flowers are blooming and the waxy leaves of tropical plants are glinting and you can almost taste it.  Nature puts on an entirely different show in this town than any other place I’ve lived, and it starts that show early.  I can’t wait for the yellow flowered vines that add a sick sort of beauty to abandoned and decaying homes.  And the tiny lizards that flit in and out of plants and grass.  Oh, and the frogs that serenade me in the courtyard of my house every night at dusk.  Summer’s not here yet, but today reminded me that it’s coming.  And though this might be hard to believe, I can’t wait to ride my bike in the thick, wet air.  Soon, soon.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine at Prytania and Peniston

  1. I’m coming to visit one of these days,Kate. I’ll be so happy to have you as a tour guide. I’m glad you have two bikes.

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