Swan at Audubon Park

Today I put on short sleeves and a skirt and rode the bike up to campus in 70 degree weather. Oh, New Orleans in December, how I love your occasional spring day! After coffee with a student and a quick stop at the office, I pedaled over to Audubon Park for a quick spin around before heading to the grocery. The path was crowded with people enjoying this unseasonably warm day: kids on bikes, a woman trying to go for a run with a puppy, mature dogs talking their humans on walks, a rollerblader, and a guy in a weighted vest jogging. The bike racks were full and golf carts zipped back and forth across the path. It was a regular postcard out there. Continue reading

Sun and Clouds at Bienville & S. Rampart

I spent today reading and writing at home until I heard that tell-tale crash in the other room, the one that says the cats are up to something. It turned out they were teaming up on a lizard, trying to play it to death. After watching the lizard play dead and then try to scramble away, only to be caught up in so many paws, I locked myself in my bedroom and wondered what to do. N. said to just get out of the house–great advice. Continue reading

Icy Field on N. Pleasant Near Cowls Road

I’m a total sucker for blue skies. I mean, look at that swath of brilliant blue! I took this picture on my bike ride through chilly but sunny Amherst, Massachusetts this morning. I wanted to take the Norwottoch bicycle path to Northampton at the suggestion of the family, but the thing is still covered in ice, and my rental bike has slick tires, not to mention the fact that I have absolutely no experience cycling through snow. Continue reading

Sunshine at Prytania and Peniston

Sunshine at Prytania and PenistonIt was downright beautiful in New Orleans today.  And I mean beautiful.  I put on a short skirt, heels, and my helmet and sped off to work feeling like a little girl with no responsibilities.  At least, I felt like that until I got to the office and had to work.  But the ride home was even nicer, because I’ve got tomorrow off and a whole world to bike through.  I stopped to take this picture at the corner of Peniston and Prytania because it was exactly what a beautiful day here looks like to me.  Continue reading