Piles of Rubble in Sharp-Leadenhall Near Race & Ostend

Piles of Rubble in Sharp-Leadenhall Near Race & OstendThursday’s ride took me to Charles Village to meet N. for a surprise lunch before heading down to the Horseshoe Casino to invest some spare dollars and then enjoy happy hour while watching college basketball. None of that aligns with any of my political priorities, but fuck it, I’m on vacation and am basically a huge hypocrite. I left, one “cosmopolitan” and two lite beers plus some of Guy Fieri’s “vegas fries” on board, but in spite of all that, since I broke even at the slots and UCLA won a nailbiter, I considered myself a winner. Continue reading

UCLA vs. VCU at Ochsner Baptist ER

NCAA Tourney at Ochsner BaptistToday is my first day of spring break.  AND it’s the first day of the NCAA tournament.  Yeah, it’s a good, good day.  I celebrated by–what else–taking a bike ride.  This afternoon’s ride took me to Mid-City to help J. and M. move in to their new place.  There were eight of us, a U-Haul, a pick-up truck, three dogs, three cases of beer, and jambalaya.  I can stand to move like this, I must say.  Continue reading