New Construction on Annunciation Between Marengo and Milan

New Construction on Annuciation Between Marengo and MilanOh, this delightful fall weather! I put on pants! and a sweater! and rode my bike to work in the clear and sunny morning. I had a frustrating day–rather Kafkaesque, to be honest–but riding home in this weather let me work out some of the niggling irritations of copy machines that don’t work and mail that seems to be lost. I then rode over to the grocery store to get food for the week. I stopped to take this picture of some new houses in the final stage of construction on Annunciation between Marengo and Milan. Annunciation is just three blocks toward the river from Magazine, but it feels like a different world. This is the highest part of the city, so it didn’t flood when the levees broke, but there’s a lot of general blight here. These houses, though, are brand new. They definitely match the architecture in the neighborhood, with their iron fences and shotgun windows and porches and fancy eaves. But they just smell new. I appreciate new construction that blends in to the neighborhood, as this surely does, but it still doesn’t feel quite right. Maybe it’s the way they match each other so perfectly, or the part where they aren’t quite finished, that makes their imitation so glaringly draw attention to the fact that they are imitations. This is, of course,  just idle thought. New, clean, attractive homes are just what Annunciation needs. And I need a lot more days like this one to ride out the petty frustrations of a petty day.

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