New Rouse’s Sign on the Sewell Cadillac Chevrolet Building at Baronne and Girod

After a long morning of reading and writing I took the bike down to the Marigny to meet D. for a study date at her regular cafe. It was sunny and cloudless and hot, and by the time I made it downtown, my eyes were stinging with sweat. How do I keep my eyes clear, folks? Do I need to wear a sweatband under my helmet? Sigh. Anyway, I rode back Uptown for a meeting and passed this sign for the new Rouse’s that’s going in where the Sewell Cadillac Chevrolet dealership used to be, on Baronne and Girod. Continue reading

New Construction on Annunciation Between Marengo and Milan

New Construction on Annuciation Between Marengo and MilanOh, this delightful fall weather! I put on pants! and a sweater! and rode my bike to work in the clear and sunny morning. I had a frustrating day–rather Kafkaesque, to be honest–but riding home in this weather let me work out some of the niggling irritations of copy machines that don’t work and mail that seems to be lost. Continue reading