Set Painting at Tulane’s Dixon Hall

Set Painting in Dixon Hall at TulaneI rode my bike to work this morning, pumping as fast as I could, clocking a quick 12 minutes. I was excited–tonight was our big program event that we’ve been planning for two months, and I was ready to put that baby to bed. I needed to get some things from the theater department for our performer, so I rode over to Dixon Hall after office hours. Continue reading

Old Stove on Dauphine and St. Philip

Old Stove at Dauphine and St. PhilipI rode my bike down to the Treme tonight to pick up some flyers for an event we’re organizing at work (you should come if you are in the New Orleans area! Next Monday! At Tulane!) and to see some friends. It was a most perfect night for a bike ride, and I needed to work out the kinks caused by a late afternoon coffee. Continue reading