Set Painting at Tulane’s Dixon Hall

Set Painting in Dixon Hall at TulaneI rode my bike to work this morning, pumping as fast as I could, clocking a quick 12 minutes. I was excited–tonight was our big program event that we’ve been planning for two months, and I was ready to put that baby to bed. I needed to get some things from the theater department for our performer, so I rode over to Dixon Hall after office hours. I snapped this picture inside while I waited for someone who knew what I was talking about to wander out. I am on this campus almost every single day, but I’ve never been in this building, except to sell concessions one night in my brief stint as WTUL DJ. But there’s a whole world happening here. And though to me it kind of looked like that set-painting seen from Dirty Dancing (RIP Patrick), this is certainly serious business. I liked having a chance to peek inside of it. For me, the past couple of weeks have overwhelmingly been about planning for tonight’s event and the other activities of our Major’s Week, but nobody else is inside that little world either, I don’t think. It’s funny sometimes to take a step back and remember how small our individual worlds are, in spite of being the most important things to us. But tonight almost 300 people from all sorts of different parts of the social universe got to share some theater; I love it when our worlds bump up against each other.

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