The Set at Southern Repertory Theater

Set at Southern Repertory TheaterThe worst part of being sick is not feeling well enough to ride your bike. Well, that’s the worst thing for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather for awhile now, but this weekend I have really just been feeling rotten. I’ll ride a bike with a cold, but it’s frustrating to not be able to breathe right, and to have each breath remind you that your throat hurts. So I stayed off the bike yesterday and just sat in bed, waiting to feel better. Things looked a little bit up today, and I was happy to be able to ride downtown, where I was a volunteer usher at the Southern Repertory Theater‘s production of I Am My Own Wife. This is New Orleans, so the theater’s actually inside a mall rather than standing alone. The traffic was heavy this Saturday night, and parking sparse. I simply do not understand how people drive when they could easily ride a bike. Whatever. I snapped this photo of the stage right before the play started. I got a seat right in front after a few seats were double booked and they had to pull out chairs on the floor for us stragglers. I looked around at the crowd, one unlike any I’m normally around, and settled in for a show. I pocketed eight bucks in tips serving wine at intermission and after the play took that cash and rode around the Quarter and the Marigny where many Fringe Festival events were taking place. That’s a different kind of theater, one for which you don’t need to dress up and shill cheap wine to afford a seat. I’m glad there are lots and lots of choices for performance in this town. I’m still not feeling so hot, so rather than spend my pin money on a drink, I stopped at the 24 hour drug store on St. Charles for dishwashing soap and a bag of chips, which I happily scarfed down at home.

One thought on “The Set at Southern Repertory Theater

  1. Could this be the infamous swine-flu? Important question: does “swine flu hits young people hardest?” make you feel anxious, or put your mind at ease?

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