Empty Stage at Southern Repertory Theater at Canal Place

I have a long history of insomnia, which means I’m quite adept at dealing with it, but that doesn’t mean after a few days of it I’m not tired. So yeah, today I was tired. My commute to campus felt twice as long and my legs were heavy and slow. The students were game, though, so classes went well as they picked up my slack. After writing this rec letter and reviewing that honor’s thesis, I was finally ready to bike home and take a quick nap before getting back on my bike and heading down to the theater for Intríngulis at Southern Rep where I would bartend for my ticket. Continue reading

Scooter Rentals and Tours on Decatur & Canal

Today I got to go the bike store with S. and pick out a brand new shiny bicycle. I rode down to meet her at the cafe and then we hopped in her car and went and test rode and purchased a most beautiful red bicycle. I drove and she rode and we made it back to her place at almost the exact some time. It doesn’t make that much longer to ride a bike, she said. No, no it doesn’t, my friend. I hope she loves that bike and rides the heck out of it in whatever ways will make her happy. Continue reading

Cabins and Trees at Fontainebleau State Park

It’s spring break and today I took the Surly to the north shore for a little weekend vacation, just the two of us. After biking to and from campus for some quick work, I loaded us into the car, checked into the hotel (thank you, Southern Repertory Theater Backstage Bash Silent Auction!), and then headed back out to bike around Fontainebleau State Park. Continue reading

Ghost of an Old Building at Oretha Castle Haley and Terpsichore

Yep, still under the weather, but I’ve decided to pretend I’m not sick so I can go back outside and play. I know, I know…that’s no way to get genuinely better, I’m just prolonging the sickness, etc. etc. etc. What can I say–I’m a terrible patient. So after a day spent reading rather devastating legal cases about transexuals in prison, I hopped on Maxx EFX and rode down to Zeitgeist to catch another film in the Patois Film Fest. Continue reading

Opening Night Reception for Ameriville at Southern Repertory Theater

Remember a couple of days ago, when I was waxing about how spring was clearly on the way, and how I was bragging about the sun heating up my back as I zipped around town in a tank top? Yeah. Well. Um. It’s winter again, which meant I piled on the layers for my ride downtown to volunteer as an usher at Southern Repertory Theater for opening night of Ameriville, by the theater company Universes. Continue reading

The Set at Southern Repertory Theater

Set at Southern Repertory TheaterThe worst part of being sick is not feeling well enough to ride your bike. Well, that’s the worst thing for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather for awhile now, but this weekend I have really just been feeling rotten. I’ll ride a bike with a cold, but it’s frustrating to not be able to breathe right, and to have each breath remind you that your throat hurts. Continue reading