Saints Gear For Sale at the Walgreens on Canal and Baronne

I’m not sure you’ve heard, but the Saints are going to the Super Bowl. It is impossible not to know this as you move around this city. I saw a woman in full on Saints game day gear, including the novelty sunglasses. I saw the owner of the diner by my house finishing up repainting its facade in black and gold. People are high on the Saints, for real. Me too, except please stop yelling “Who Dat?” at me. And please turn down that one song, thank you. Anyway. I rode my bike down to Mid-City this evening for a meeting with some folks from the Metro Bicycle Coalition to talk fundraising. I then biked over to the Treme to see S. for some shop talk, and then back Uptown for home. I stopped at the Walgreens for cat treats and human treats. I took this picture of a display of just a little of the Saints-related gear available at the drugstore–flags, Snuggies, T-shirts, aprons, towels, pom pons (man, that shouldn’t be how you spell that), etc., etc., etc. They even hauled out the Saints santa hats and Christmas stockings. A lot of people are making a lot of money on this stuff, that’s for sure. If you’ve saved any, consider tossing it to the Metro Bike Coalition; maybe we can get ourselves a bike lane to the Superdome.

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