Shopping For Bikes at Plan B at Decatur & Marigny

Today’s bike ride took me down to the Marigny to meet S. for coffee and some work and a slow page-turning trip through the Gambit’s 12,000th restaurant guide. As I made my way through cold drink #2 and the last 20 pages of a section of the never-ending book, V. walked in to grab a cup of coffee before opening up Plan B, our community-run bike shop. Continue reading

Bobby J. and Stuff Like That at Woldenberg Park for Zulu’s Lundi Gras Fest

Here’s the thing. I love riding my bike, but Mardi Gras time is really more walking speed. I see things entirely differently when I’m walking–I’m closer to the ground and moving three times more slowly, so I find myself wandering places I don’t normally notice. And there’s a lot to see during the carnival season. As a guy I was chatting with as we paused at a stop sign on our bikes pointed out yesterday, Mardi Gras is all about fantasies (and the only fantasy we saw around us was the dream of finding a place to put the car–take a bike or walk and expand your fantasy life!). So yes, this is another guest post from a pedestrian. Continue reading

Power Lines at Tchoupitoulas & Euterpe

I didn’t ride my bicycle today. I wanted to, what with the sunshine and the light breeze and the cooler temperatures, but my body has made it clear that it needs a day or two out of the saddle, and I decided to listen (a rare choice, if you know me). So how can I write a blog entry, if I didn’t see anything while riding my bike around today? It’s time for a guest post from a pedestrian! Continue reading

Crawfish Boil at Fulton Square

I had a busy day of grading and errand-ing, so when 6:00 rolled around, I was happy to toss off the day and get on the Surly to head down to the Quarter for preview night of Grey Gardens at Le Petit Theatre. (I usher as a volunteer in exchange for a free seat–best game in town, folks.) It’s that time of year, though, when there’s always something going on. Continue reading

Governor Nicholls Street Wharf

I spent the day reading and thinking and doing my taxes, so by the time the evening rolled around, I was excited to get out of the house. I hopped on Rhoda and pedaled down to the casino to join N. for a free buffet dinner. Continue reading

610 Stompers at Saints 12th Man Fan Appreciation Party at Harrah’s

Oh, it was a beautiful day today. By force of habit I grabbed a jacket before heading out to work, but I didn’t need it. In fact, by the time I finished a busy day of teaching, meeting with students, and making copies, I was riding home in just a tank top, the sun heating up my back. Oh, man. I love that feeling. Continue reading