Opening Night Reception for Ameriville at Southern Repertory Theater

Remember a couple of days ago, when I was waxing about how spring was clearly on the way, and how I was bragging about the sun heating up my back as I zipped around town in a tank top? Yeah. Well. Um. It’s winter again, which meant I piled on the layers for my ride downtown to volunteer as an usher at Southern Repertory Theater for opening night of Ameriville, by the theater company¬†Universes. The play was brought here by a collaboration between SRT, Junebug Productions, Ashe Cultural Arts Center, and Tulane’s Department of Theater and Dance. And it was a great show–high energy, important topics, really good acting. The ending had a bit more of a redemptive feel than seemed warranted, given the rest of the play, and some parts were heavy handed, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as most folks did. I snapped this picture of people enjoying the post-show reception. You might notice that we’re lingering at the mall. Because that’s where our theater is. It’s in the mall. Around the corner to the left? That’s the sbarro. Really. The theater itself is really nice, but jeez…it’s in the mall. But we all just pretended we weren’t at the mall. Because that was a great show that brought together some great people. The show’s running through March 7, and I highly recommend you check it out. I said my goodbyes to friends old and new and walked down the escalator to my bike and enjoyed the ride home, in spite of the cold. It was a good, good day.

One thought on “Opening Night Reception for Ameriville at Southern Repertory Theater

  1. Don’t think of it as the mall adding a cheesy element to the theater, but as the theater adding a cool cultural element to the mall. Like, Our mall has a theatre in it. No, not a movie theatre, a REAL theatre. That’s how we roll in NOLA.

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