Shipping Containers Along the Mississippi River at Marengo and Tchoupitoulas

So, I generally spend quite a bit of time on my bicycle. I used to think that all bikes were basically the same, but that’s just not true. My bike feels like my bike. It’s in the shop, though, and I’ve got a rental bike, and I wanted to take it out, see what she could do. Yeah, I like what the Surly can do. I like how big and heavy and steel she is. I miss my bike. But this one’s fun too. Sigh. Anyway. Tomorrow. In the meantime I took the rental bike on some errands–the public library, the library up at school, the new id card window, and a couple grocery stores. These are just the sort of chores that we could all do on bikes. I mean, everything was within a couple miles of everything else. There were plenty of bike racks. Since I went in the late afternoon, the ride home was in decently cool weather. No reason at all for anyone to take a car full of gasoline on that jaunt. I took Tchoupitoulas back to my neighborhood after a disappointing trip to Rouse’s (what have they done with my Patak’s garlic relish???). Tchoup follows the river, but you’d never know it, blocked as it is by shipping containers, railroad tracks, and giant loaders, not to mention the wall. I stopped at Marengo to take a picture of these rows and rows of containers at the end of this street. They’re probably bringing stuff in and also taking stuff out, using plenty of oil all around. This is the stuff we actually have to look for to see, unless we’re working on the docks. Yeah, there’s a lot of behind the scenes action. Take your bike.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Containers Along the Mississippi River at Marengo and Tchoupitoulas

  1. Looking at the shipping containers I see the start of afordable housing. Many of the containers are scrapped. They have been turned into housing but usually as high end units. As low cost housing it would be a good project for a college to study and promote.

  2. Love this shot. By the way, I’m temporarily living in Mexico right now, where among other things, I’ve been granted the use of a bike! Haven’t had one since I was a kid but now I see what all the fuss is about! I’m loving it!

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