My Tuned-Up Bike On Frenchman

After I finished up my writing tasks this afternoon I headed down to Frenchman Street on the rental Schwinn, hoping the Surly would be all done getting spit-shined at this season’s complimentary tune-up (more good reasons to buy from your local bike shoppe!). The Schwinn was a hybrid, easy step-through, fairly speedy, super cute. I thought I’d like some time sitting upright again, especially since Rhoda’s been having problems lately. And it was fun to ride a new bike for a few miles. But man, I was seriously missing my bike. I was very, very happy to see my Surly roll around the corner, brake hoods on, brakes shaved, cranks tightened, handlebars taped, new chain mounted. Oh, she looked so good and the ride so smooth and delicious! I got on and pedaled back Uptown under threatening skies ¬†to put on my bike shoes so I could get back on the bike and head back to the CBD in the rain so I could ride back Uptown in the post-storm breeze. I love that I have this fantastic bike and that I get to ride it around a town that offers up this great background for a Portrait of a Bicycle. Snap.

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