Bare Trees Against a Blue Sky at the Druid Hill Park Reservoir

Bare Trees Against a Blue Sky at the Druid Hill Park ReservoirIt was a warm and humid Thursday, and I spent the latter part of it in too many clothes, on my bike, riding around Druid Hill Park to check out how the trees are doing. Turns out they’re doing fine, mostly free of leaves and stretching bare branches against the blue sky. The warm day brought a lot of folks out to do their laps, including several road cyclists who easily passed my as a leisurely pedaled in circles, a song on repeat that always reminds me of riding through New Orleans all by myself amidst the varied crowds of a¬† Mardi Gras Day. Oh, nostalgia, sometimes you are such a treat. Continue reading

View of the Sky from a Waverly Back Patio

View of the Sky from a Waverly Back PatioFriday’s ride started early with a morning pedal over to R.’s to sit on her back porch and ostensibly talk about our project, but we got waylaid by jokes and girl talk and such, sipping coffee and staring up at this beautiful sky–all blue and green, the power lines a punctuation more than anything, because that was my mood, sitting there with my friend in her neighborhood, feeling at home here. And then I rode over to Hampden for an appointment, pedaling as fast as I could because that neighborhood is always farther away that I think, and I do not like to be late. An hour later and I was riding home to grab my car for the drive to work. Oh, I would rather be on a bicycle these days, especially as the weather just starts its turn to that part where full sun doesn’t mean full sweat and the breezes are actually cool. Bring it, fall. This bicyclist is ready to transition, and I’ve got my windproof gear all ready for a long winter. And I want to sit out on that patio and watch the leaves turn gold and red and orange and then stare up at bare branches against a chilly blue sky. Sometimes I don’t want time to pass, but right now I’m ready for it. I’m glad I get to tour the changes by bike.

Storage¬†Center at Howard & Baronne

I feel like it should be fall. It’s mid-September, my courses have been meeting long enough to have their own personalities, and the drugstore is full of Halloween candy. It should be cooling off. But on days like today I am reminded that it’s still hot and humid and sticky. And between you and me, I’m ready for a break from that, just for a minute. After a ride to the office and a stop at home for lunch, I pedaled down to the Quarter to meet S. for popsicles. Continue reading

Pumpkin Display at the Whole Foods on Magazine & Arabella

Yesterday was a rough one and I found myself completely wrung out today. I worked from home, grading papers, working on an article, doing laundry, reading for pleasure. I didn’t think I’d get out on the bike at all, but after finishing up all my tasks for the day, I thought I’d reward myself with a short ride to get some frozen yogurt. As always, the second I pushed off on the Surly I was glad to be pedaling. Continue reading