Blue Sky and Clouds Over Dauphine & Piety

I had a juice date with S. down in the Bywater this morning, so that meant I got to hop on the bike early. I don’t usually see downtown at that time of day, and I swear the light is different. I had trouble deciding on a route. I wanted the speed of St. Charles without the rocky riding I expected on Camp Street in the CBD–they’ve been resurfacing it for repaving–but I decided to risk it, and took Prytania down to Camp. Guess what? The repaving is done! What a wonderful surprise to get dropped on a swath of black asphalt, smooth as glass. I luxuriated in it and the still-morning sunshine, feeling like I was the only one alive. And then I hit Bourbon Street, which smelled like lots of people were there just a second ago. I continued on my way to the cafe, had some bright red juice (beets really are the perfect color, aren’t they?) and talked jobs and things with S. Then I sat at a table outside with my other friend S., getting caught up, thinking some people are out there doing very brave things, and stared at the sky over her head, which I could do because I was wearing my new sunglasses. They make such a difference. You can watch the clouds move with these things, I said. S. nodded, yes, yes you can. She humors me, that S. I headed back Uptown, struck by the miracle that is a repaved Magazine Street through the CBD(this stuff is game-changing, for me anyway), thinking I should ride earlier, more often.

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