Audience at the NOLA Book Fair Opening Event at Sound Cafe

Well, the weather has actually turned this time. It is downright cold all of a sudden. I had to wear leggings and a sweater today! Outrageous. As someone who is riding her bike, this means it’s time to get myself some layers–it only takes a few blocks of pedaling before it’s time to take off the sweater. Ugh. Am I the only one who wishes it could be hot and humid all the time? Anyway, I was still looking forward to a ride down the the Marigny for the opening night event of the New Orleans Book Fair. I got a late start after a long day of work, so I walked in just at the end of Jordan Flaherty’s presentation, based on his book, Floodlines. I snapped this picture as the room discussed strategies to stop the sheriff from building the largest city jail in the country, with a bed for every sixty residents of New Orleans. Because you know what? The answer to crime is not putting more and more people in cages. And the problem with building cages is that once the cage is there, the city has all sorts of incentives to keep it filled. There is much to do, much to discuss, and I have a feeling I’ll be riding my bike to a lot of meetings about this stuff in the near future.

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