Train and I10 at the End of West End Boulevard

Yep, still cold out, which means today’s ride had to wait as I tried to figure out what sort of layering would keep me warm enough without making me look like a broke-ass Punky Brewster. I was only mildly successful on both counts, but I headed out anyway, first to the Marigny for the New Orleans Book Fair. The place was crawling with all the usual suspects–readers, writers, watchers–and I managed somehow to leave with money in my wallet (though there was one art book I’d have bought, if it had been for sale). Continue reading

Audience at the NOLA Book Fair Opening Event at Sound Cafe

Well, the weather has actually turned this time. It is downright cold all of a sudden. I had to wear leggings and a sweater today! Outrageous. As someone who is riding her bike, this means it’s time to get myself some layers–it only takes a few blocks of pedaling before it’s time to take off the sweater. Ugh. Am I the only one who wishes it could be hot and humid all the time? Anyway, I was still looking forward to a ride down the the Marigny for the opening night event of the New Orleans Book Fair. Continue reading

Folks Browsing at the New Orleans Bookfair

NOLA Bookfair on FrenchmanI don’t feel too hot today–I’ve got that icky feeling in the back of my throat that says something’s off. But it was such a beautiful day, and a beautiful day for a bike ride, so I sucked it up and went downtown to enjoy the sunshine and dry air and crowds at the New Orleans Bookfair and the Bywater Mirliton Festival. (I was running late–no time to stop at the Scandinavian Festival!) Continue reading