Lighted Fountain at Audubon Park

We’ve got some wild weather in New Orleans right now, so I put on a tank top and tossed a rain jacket and a wool sweater in my panniers and headed to work. It was windy, that kind of wind that buffets you around as you maintain an unusually firm grasp on the handlebars. I pedaled as fast as I could, dancing to a song, working up a hot sweat when only a few days ago I declared a welcome to winter. Oh well. I worked all day long even though I really wanted to keep riding, so by the time I left the office it was dark. I still wanted to get a little bit of riding in, so I headed to Audubon Park to do a loop before heading home. There are so few lights in the park that it feels rather dangerous, even with my headlight. Why don’t we put lights in the park and along our very few trails? It isn’t a big deal in the summertime, but now I have to get my rides in before 5:30, or I’m stuck in the dark. On the plus side, the path was virtually empty and quiet, except for the ducks that angrily complained when I got off the bike and approached the water. I took this picture from the edge of the water of the fountain in the middle, all lit up. Though my camera can’t capture it, it was a beautiful, if windy night. I finished my lap and headed home, hoping predictions for rain tomorrow turn out to be false. Because I need a good, long ride.

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