Group Presentation at the Regional Planning Commission

Ok, it’s been a long, long week, and I wasn’t really in the mood to get up before 7:00am and ride my bike over to Lakeshore for another 8 hours of bicycle safety instructor training. I decided to strap my bike to the car and drive over there and hope I was just tired and not on the verge of getting sick. To tell you the truth, I felt like a zombie sitting there, and try as I did to pay attention, I was only about 65% there. Continue reading

Memorial to Those Who Gave Their Bodies to Science at Charity Hospital Cemetery

It rained all day yesterday and was supposed to rain all day today too, but I checked the radar, and it looked like rain wouldn’t come in until the evening–plenty of time to get on the Surly and travel around town to see how folks are remembering the hurricane and the failure of the levees five years ago today. I headed to Mid-City and then out Canal to make a stop at the Katrina memorial at Charity Hospital Cemetery. Continue reading

Abandoned Piano at Beauregard and Wisner

I met up with S., an old friend from college yesterday for beer, chatter, some of her homebaked pecan sticky buns (positively ridiculously delicious–if you are in Memphis, hit that farmer’s market for sure!), and, surprise, surprise, bike gossip. You see, she has this bike that an ex gave her, and it has been living in a basement in New Orleans while she’s off grinding her own wheat flour in Memphis. Continue reading

Concrete Foundations at Louisa and Law

It was cool and stormy today, but it’s Bike Bash 2009, so I headed out to take in some events. I was all set to volunteer at RUBARB‘s Bike Rodeo for kids, but they had too many volunteers and not enough work to do. That’s a really, really good problem to have, it seems to me. Continue reading

Houses at Vicksburg Near Porteous

Houses in LakeviewI finished up some last-minute work on this semester’s syllabi yesterday and decided to spend the waning hours of my summer on my bike. It was surprisingly dry yesterday–N. said it was only 15% humidity–and the sky was blue, no thunderstorms threatening. Perfect. Continue reading

New Orleans Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital Cemetery

Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital CemeteryThe weather was lovely this morning so i got up early and took a nice long bike ride.  A couple of days ago I drove out Canal with the baby sis in tow, looking for Lake Pontchartrain. I ended up in Old Metairie after taking a left, so today I decided to ride out Canal to see where I would have ended up if I’d taken that right.  Continue reading