Fence Segment on Annuciation Near Philip

Part of a Fence on Annuciation Near PhillipIt was spitting rain on my ride home from work today, but it dried up for my ride to meet K. for dinner. That doesn’t mean the air was dry, of course. It was seriously thick out there. I rode home up Annunciation, and near Philip I snapped this picture of a house lit up, with this tiny bit of fence in the front. Continue reading

Tree Debris at General Taylor and Annunciation

Tree Debris at General Taylor and AnnunciationThe past couple of days have found me a bit in denial. I want to ride my bike. A lot. But I pulled a muscle while riding around on Saturday. I really, really want to be riding my bike, but even walking hurts, so today I faced the music and stayed off my bike. Sort of. Continue reading

Frogs in the Gutter on Annunciation

Sometimes New Orleans feels like a city with urban problems of population and planning. Other times it feels like a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business and you see the same people over and over again, even if in different contexts. Continue reading