The Everything Shoppe at Canal and Magazine

I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night. That’s because last night I rode my bike down to New Orleans Arena for the Jay-Z concert, and it was so, so good. I mean, it was really ridiculously good, and I was so high afterwards, I just couldn’t get to sleep. That meant not a whole lot of biking today, but I took the Surly up to work and then Rhoda and I rode downtown to help S. do some packing for her move this weekend. After packing a whole lot of glassware, I headed out to a bar to hear some music and get a little dancing in. I decided to pick up a little treat for my kittens on my ride back Uptown, so stopped here, at The Everything Shoppe, on Canal and Magazine to pick up treats for us all. I figured they’d have cat food, being an everything shoppe and all. But nope, no pet food. Tourists don’t usually travel with their pets, and by “everything,” I’m guessing this store meant “everything for tourists.” Sigh. So much of this town is centered around what tourists need–that’s what happens when you have a T-shirt economy, I guess. Stops like this one remind me again that this town’s future is thought to depend a lot less on me and a lot more on folks who can find everything they need at this place. Me? I hopped back on the bike and zipped along Uptown to pick up kitty treats at the Discount Zone, a place for the rest of us.

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