Ivy Growing on Buildings at Aliceanna & S. Bethel

It was chilly in my house this afternoon so I expected to be cold when I headed down the hill on my bike, but now–it was all blue skies and sunshine and the heat on my back. It was also one of those days where cars seemed out to get me, so I hunkered down into my defensive driving mode, which includes a lot of following the rules of the road–yeah, it was a slow trip. I locked up, did a whirl around the gym, and then took my grading to a restaurant for a snack and a much slower whirl through the pile of papers. Continue reading

Early Cat’s Claw Blooms On a Shed on Saratoga & Foucher

I am still not feeling well. I’m so, so bad at being sick–I tend to just pretend I’m fine and go about my business and hope the cold or the flu or the whatever just disappears. The first time I dislocated my shoulder I remember pleading with my hosts to just take me home so I could ice it–I don’t want to be any trouble! But I’m just going to admit it. It might be allergies, it might be a cold, it might be some other throat thing, but whatever it is, I’m tired and worn out. Continue reading

Cat’s Claw on a Power Pole in Central City

It was a truly beautiful day in New Orleans, yet again. Unfortunately, I spent most of it inside instead of out. I wasn’t riding my bike, but I was talking about bikes at the Winning Campaigns training put on by the Alliance for Biking and Walking. I got up at 7:00 in the morning–on a Saturday–and rode down OC Haley to the LANO building for a full day of learning. Now, I’m a skeptical kid. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might think I’m fairly sunny and optimistic, but I have this knee-jerk reaction to the whole idea of a meeting. And one that lasts all day long? Please. Continue reading

Cat’s Claw On a Blighted House at St. Andrew and Simon Bolivar

Oh, spring has more than sprung in New Orleans, and the days are just plain beautiful. Today was a bit windy when I hopped on the Surly and headed down to the gym–I had a little scare when I thought a gust might push me into traffic–but other than that, the day was sweet. As S. said to me a couple days ago, it’s like one day the city just exploded. Continue reading

New and Decaying Houses at 2nd and S. Rocheblave

New and Decaying Houses at Second and S. RocheblaveI woke up a little sore from last night’s dance party, so I knew it would be a lazy biking day. After a ride down to the Lower Garden District for lunch with N. and a stop at the office supply store for a new set of markers, I rode out Martin Luther King, continuing in my efforts to map the city by bike. Continue reading

Decaying House in Hollygrove at Monroe and Pine

House in Hollygrove at Monroe and PalmIt has been a rainy mess around here lately, and it has definitely been putting the kibosh on my long rides. I really don’t like to start a ride in the rain. I mean, I’ll continue in the rain, but I prefer not to ask for the slippery roads and streetcar tracks and drivers even less apt to see bicycles. Continue reading