Audience at the NOLA Book Fair Opening Event at Sound Cafe

Well, the weather has actually turned this time. It is downright cold all of a sudden. I had to wear leggings and a sweater today! Outrageous. As someone who is riding her bike, this means it’s time to get myself some layers–it only takes a few blocks of pedaling before it’s time to take off the sweater. Ugh. Am I the only one who wishes it could be hot and humid all the time? Anyway, I was still looking forward to a ride down the the Marigny for the opening night event of the New Orleans Book Fair. Continue reading

Blight and New Construction on Piety Near N. Galvez

I cannot begin to express what a perfectly beautiful day it was in New Orleans–crystal clear skies, mid-70s, I was riding the Surly around in a flipping sundress. In January. This is more like it, people. I headed out for one of those rides with no destination. Continue reading

Adjusting the Lighting For a Movie on Frenchman Street

I have a cold, which sucks, especially when it’s cold out. I couldn’t really breathe through the sinus pressure yesterday, so I decided to just rest. But today I wanted to get back on the bike, so I hopped on Rhoda and rode down to the CBD to complete a car-related errand and then to the Marigny for coffee and reading-for-pleasure. Continue reading

Train Crossing at St. Claude and Press

Train Crossing at St. Claude and Press StreetI know, I’m like a broken record, but the weather is so flipping beautiful here this week. I rode around running errands this afternoon, in a skirt and tank top and sandals as my shoulders baked in the sun. In November. Man, I love living here! Those hot and humid summer months–which I also enjoy–are worth it for these pleasant fall days. Continue reading

Holy Trinity Church in the Bywater (Amendment: Marigny–these neighborhoods are all so small!)

Holy Trinity Church on St. Ferdinand Street in the BywaterToday’s ride took me down to the Marigny  in search of a comfortable coffee shop to get some reading done. But my favorite coffee shop is on vacation! The nerve! Actually, I’m glad folks here take real vacations. We don’t do enough of that. Continue reading

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson Square

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson SquareI got a text from S. this morning asking if anybody wanted to get a bagel or beignets.  She had me at beignets.  I hopped on Rhoda and sped down to the Quarter to Cafe du Monde, listening to that sort of music that makes you feel like it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re aliveContinue reading

Produce Truck in the Marigny

Fruit Truck in the MarignyS. was out of town for a few days and (phew) wanted to meet early for coffee, book-talk, and writing, so I hopped on Jack and tooled down to the Marigny to meet her.  We sat outside at the cafe, sipping coffee (hers iced, mine hot) and worried about the state of thingsContinue reading