Blighted Attic at Gallier & Law

Today’s bike ride took be down to the Bywater for lunch with J. The sun was out, I was in short sleeves, that asphalt on Camp in the CBD is still like butter, and I felt lucky to be here now as I zipped along. By the time we were done the clouds were rolling in and I got to ride around in a whole different kind of day, this one darker and cooler. I pedaled up Chartres and over the sharrows before taking a left on Mazant toward the Upper Ninth Ward. I rode around that neighborhood, up and down the streets, doing laps, struck, as always, how different it is over here on the flood side of St. Claude. Continue reading

Audience at the NOLA Book Fair Opening Event at Sound Cafe

Well, the weather has actually turned this time. It is downright cold all of a sudden. I had to wear leggings and a sweater today! Outrageous. As someone who is riding her bike, this means it’s time to get myself some layers–it only takes a few blocks of pedaling before it’s time to take off the sweater. Ugh. Am I the only one who wishes it could be hot and humid all the time? Anyway, I was still looking forward to a ride down the the Marigny for the opening night event of the New Orleans Book Fair. Continue reading