Shiny New Asphalt on 26th Between Charles & St. Paul

Shiny New Asphalt on 26th Between Charles & St. PaulTuesday’s ride took me up the hill and east to Morgan State for a conversation on the Marc Steiner Show about The Wire–about how even though it’s a great television show, it can’t tell the full range of stories about what make this city tick, and the many ways folks work to make it tick better (or worse). It was a good conversation with smart people, and a reminder to me that if you don’t have someone there to talk about women, women fall right out of the discussion. Patriarchy’s a real thing, which means I’ll never be out of a job, amirite? Continue reading

Ken Burns at Loyola’s Nunemaker Auditorium

I love Ken Burns. Or, rather, I love his documentary films. I started watching them last summer, and they are just so good. I know the critiques: he is all nostalgia and no politics; he pretends to tell full histories, but he leaves out vital voices; he romanticizes the Confederacy, letting that reunionist Shelby Foote be the expert. The list goes on, but I am not really interested in that particular brand of cynicism when it comes to his films. Continue reading

Crowds at the Take Back the Night Rally at Loyola

Another work day, another morning ride to campus. And it’s the end of October, so of course I arrived three miles later in my tank top and light skirt, drenched in sweat. Fall in New Orleans… I taught a ridiculous number of classes today, so by the end of it all I was happily relieved and decided to work it out with a couple of laps around the park. The lake was positively alive with bird activity–this time, ducks. I think. Why are there all these teenage ducks in the park right now? Aren’t ducklings born in spring? R.? Do you know? I watched them snack and squawk for awhile and then headed to Loyola’s campus to meet up with folks gathered for this year’s Take Back the Night march and rally. Continue reading

Loyola Bike Auction at the Freret Street Garage

Loyola Bike Auction at the Freret Street GarageToday’s ride took me up to campus for a meeting. Afterward, I walked the Surly over to Loyola with R. to check out their biannual bike auction. Lots of bikes get abandoned on campus, left locked up, their owners failing to return. The Loyola police gather them up and put them up for sale. Continue reading

Bunny Roadkill at Loyola

Bunny RoadkillSo there I was on my bike, zipping along on my commute, rediscovering old favorites on my ipod.  And then I had to swerve to miss running over a dead bunny rabbit on St. Charles in front of Loyola U.  Now, this is a city.  What the heck is a bunny doing trying to cross the street here?  Continue reading

Steps Home by Dawn Dedaux at Loyola University

Stairs Home at LoyolaToday was another beautiful day in New Orleans, excellent for bike riding.  I took my bike to the gym up at Tulane.  It felt good to be back, tooling up St. Charles Avenue.  On my way home I passed these stairs on Loyola University’s lawn–“Steps Home” by Dawn Dedaux.  Continue reading

Loyola Men’s Basketball Team Photo

I rode my bike up and down St. Charles Avenue six times today, and it felt good to get out on the bike in spite of my cold.  On my way past Loyola and Tulane on trip number three I stopped to snap this picture of a photographer snapping that picture of the Loyola men’s basketball team.  Continue reading