Train Mural at the Intersection of Gay, Preston, & Rutland

I unexpectedly had the afternoon free, so I decided to spend it out on my bicycle, an excellent idea until after a delicious brunch that made me want to get straight back into bed with my cats and a book. S. said I could do that, after my bike ride, and she was right, so I pedaled east of Greenmount to see if I could get lost. It didn’t take long, because I don’t spend that much time in Northeast Baltimore. Continue reading

Be The Change You Seek Mural at Baronne and Philip

Be The Change You Seek Mural at Baronne and FirstThis post really belongs on a blog titled What I Saw Pushing My Bike Around In The Rain Today. As I was leaving this morning to meet S. at the coffee shop in the Marigny I thought to myself, remember to grab the patch kit and pump. Wish I’d heeded that call, because on the way home I popped my front tire at Lee Circle. Continue reading

Mural on Freret

I rode down Freret Street on my way home today.  This ride always reminds me of how uneven recovery and development is in this city.  Tulane’s campus is beautiful, of course, and Freret to Carrollton takes one by some really fancy homes.  Continue reading