Beignet Debris at Cafe du Monde

I’m not usually a big fan of New Year’s Eve. It’s too much mandatory drinking and fun and dancing, and I like to be in charge of those things myself, no matter what the calendar says. But I headed out on my bike this evening, hell-bent on making a go of it this year. And man, did I have a good time. Continue reading

Power Pole at St. Claude and Marigny

Power Pole at St. Claude and MarignySometimes riding my bike just feels like flying. That’s what it felt like tonight, as I rode down to the Marigny to meet friends for drinks. I’d spent the day reading, thinking, writing, cleaning, and cooking, so when night came around, it was time to just fly. Continue reading

Michael Jackson Memorial Dance Party in the Marigny

MJ Tribute at Mimi's in the MarignyToday was a task-ride kind of day. I rode my bike over to K.’s in the morning so we could go shop for party supplies for my late-late-late birthday party. Afterwards, I rode down to the Quarter to pick up some things I’d forgotten at the place I was apartment sitting. Continue reading

Bathroom Graffiti in the Marigny

GraffitiTonight was a lovely night for a bike ride–cool and dark and cloudy and threatening rain.  That might not sound like a nice night for a ride, but it fit me perfectly.  This weekend is the New Orleans Fringe Festival, so I rode down to the Bywater to join M. for a puppet show.  I Continue reading