People Shopping for Records at Siberia on St. Claude & Marigny


Today’s bike ride took me Uptown for brunch with N. and the visitation with my cats, currently ensconced with former students/cat ladies. The weather was a typical New Orleans summertime thing: gray skies, then sun and coconut clouds, and finally a return of that steel blue and a total downpour. But the rain didn’t start falling until after I made it back down to the Marigny to meet S. for a ride to the Record Raid at Siberia, another place that could seriously use some nike racks. I don’t own a record player, nor do I ever really wish I did, except on afternoons like this, watching people sift through the boxes for music they didn’t know they wanted. It took me about two minutes of shuffling to find a copy of Bruce’s Born in the USA. My sister and I used to listen to that album at our dad’s place, on near-constant repeat when no one else was home, that and a Los Lobos album. I remember the day we scratched it, by accident, of course–probably resetting the needle for the title track. I was so scared I was in big trouble, but more than that, I was scared the fun was over. Thing’s have turned out better than expected. Still love that record so much. I sat on a stool, had a drink (Crown Royal, something else that reminds a kid of her pops), watched other people shop, and listened to another monsoon. What a nice way to end the day.

Lights in the Courtyard at the Dragon’s Den

Lights in the Courtyard at the Dragon's DenIt is hot and humid in New Orleans, even though it is the end of October. I was sweating like June when I got down to D.’s place for our weekly TV date with J., R., and S. Afterwards a few of us hopped on our bikes and rode over to the Dragon’s Den on Esplanade near Frenchman to see and hear some music (unfortunately, our dilly dally-ing meant we missed the show). Continue reading

Agnes L. Bauduit Elementary School in Uptown

Agnes L. Baudit Elementary School in UptownToday was the first day of school. I love the first day of school. It is so full of hope and promise. Nobody’s behind on the readings yet, you get to go to the bookstore and ogle the selection. You get to see who’s in your classes and say hi to old friends. Continue reading

Palm Tree at Harrah’s

Palm Tree at Harrah'sI waited all day for midnight to roll around, because that meant it was my birthday, one of my very favorite days of the year, even if I do have to share it with my twin sister. Some people hate their birthdays, hate getting older, hate something, I don’t know what. Me? I love it. Continue reading

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson Square

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson SquareI got a text from S. this morning asking if anybody wanted to get a bagel or beignets.  She had me at beignets.  I hopped on Rhoda and sped down to the Quarter to Cafe du Monde, listening to that sort of music that makes you feel like it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re aliveContinue reading

Balcony in the Treme

Treme BalconyOne of my very, very favorite things about New Orleans–and surely many places are like this–is how many ways there are to sit outside and watch stuff. Continue reading