Remnants Of An Old Drugstore at St. Bernard and Broad

I had one of those days where I woke up a little grumpy and it just got worse as lots of little irritations and annoyances added up. The only answer was, of course, a long bike ride in the sun under a frighteningly blue sky. I zeroed out my inbox (nothing prettier than an empty inbox!) and hopped on the Surly for a ride. Continue reading

Concrete Foundations at Louisa and Law

It was cool and stormy today, but it’s Bike Bash 2009, so I headed out to take in some events. I was all set to volunteer at RUBARB‘s Bike Rodeo for kids, but they had too many volunteers and not enough work to do. That’s a really, really good problem to have, it seems to me. Continue reading

HBO Second Line in the Treme

Treme Crew Party Second LineGood lord, it’s hot in New Orleans! I know, I know–it’s a good problem to have if you are living somewhere where it’s already snowing. But I long for fall bike rides. Then again, the sun felt good as I headed out on my bike toward the Treme after watching President Obama’s Town Hall at UNO, skirt flying and doing my bike dance. Summertime in October. Whoa. Continue reading

Jesus Justice Jazz at the Superdome

Jesus, Justice, and Jazz at the SuperdomeI finished up a project this afternoon, so I gave myself the night off to do whatever I pleased. I saw crowds of teens in the Quarter yesterday and found out later they were some of the 35,000 people in town for ECLA, the Lutheran youth gathering. I love a crowd I’ve got nothing to do with, so I decided to hop on my bike and head down to the convention center to see what all these teenagers were up to. Continue reading

Classroom at Tulane

Jack in the ClassroomToday is the one year anniversary of my blog.  I thought about marking the first anniversary–which matters only to me, of course–with a long blog about a long ride, maybe revisiting the first thing I saw while riding my bike around, that day.  But that’s not how my day turned out.  Continue reading