Governor Nicholls Street Wharf

I spent the day reading and thinking and doing my taxes, so by the time the evening rolled around, I was excited to get out of the house. I hopped on Rhoda and pedaled down to the casino to join N. for a free buffet dinner. Ah, the casino buffet. N. was a purist–she ate only crab legs, pound after pound of crab legs, refusing to waste buffet time on such things as lettuce or potatoes. I went with the classic thanksgiving feast followed by an omelette and a hot fudge sundae. Weird. Anyway, when I finally made my way out of the place, I was definitely feeling the need for a bike ride. I decided to go check out the river, zipping quietly through Woldenberg Park with few others in sight. Then I got to the end of the bike path, where I took this photo of the Governor Nicholls Street Wharf. Why oh why does the path have to end here so abruptly and so soon? That’s the thing about bicycle infrastructure–it makes the most sense when somebody thinks about what’s going to happen when the bike lane or path ends. I would love to see a connected bike/walk path along the river from Uptown through the 9th Ward, but that’s just a fantasy. I ended my night heading from here to the St. Claude bike lane where I just rode as fast as I could up and down the thing, dancing along on my bike, saying my “how you doing?”-s to the many folks enjoying this crispy full-moon night.

4 thoughts on “Governor Nicholls Street Wharf

  1. Just got caught up again. Why are the notices of new posts not showing up on FB any more? I really got behind as I didn’t realize this was happening. Enjoyed as always.


    • Hi, Judy! Yeah, I’m not sure what’s happened with the application that promoted it. Sigh. Good to see you. You have spring in your neck of the woods yet?

    • Seeing this picture of the Governor Nicholls Street wharf brought back some sweet memories for me (Talk about weird – lol). I actually got my first kiss on the helicopter pad (or what’s left of one) there in the forefront of the photo. Continue to take pictures please, New Orleans is my hometown and I enjoy seeing her through other people’s eyes as well. You never know how significant something is unless you share it with someone else. Thank you for posting this picture. I hope you get your bike trail fantasy to come true, sounds like a good plan.

      Kindest regards,


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