Empty Lot at Galvez & Lafitte

After a much-needed day of doing absolutely nothing yesterday, and a morning and afternoon spent finishing up a project, I was ready to get on the bike and head out to see what might happen today. And then I felt the heat. Sometimes I’m up for biking in it, sometimes, not so much, and today I was in the mood for something a little cooler. Continue reading

Opening Night Reception for Ameriville at Southern Repertory Theater

Remember a couple of days ago, when I was waxing about how spring was clearly on the way, and how I was bragging about the sun heating up my back as I zipped around town in a tank top? Yeah. Well. Um. It’s winter again, which meant I piled on the layers for my ride downtown to volunteer as an usher at Southern Repertory Theater for opening night of Ameriville, by the theater company¬†Universes. Continue reading

Cuban Flag Commemoration Plaque at Poydras and Magazine

Cuban Flag Commemoration Plaque at Poydras and MagazineThe past few days have been rainy rainy, so when the sun came out today and S. wanted to come over for a swim, I readily agreed. We then decided to go see a movie. At the movie theater. I hadn’t seen a movie in movie theater since December. Continue reading