Adjusting the Lighting For a Movie on Frenchman Street

I have a cold, which sucks, especially when it’s cold out. I couldn’t really breathe through the sinus pressure yesterday, so I decided to just rest. But today I wanted to get back on the bike, so I hopped on Rhoda and rode down to the CBD to complete a car-related errand and then to the Marigny for coffee and reading-for-pleasure. Continue reading

Trains at Galvez and St. Ferdinand

Oliver Train Depot at GalvezI took Jack out for a ride this afternoon, and it felt so, so good. It was either a little bit cooler or I’ve acclimated, and that made biking around town much more pleasant.  I planned to ride down to the Marigny hoping to find the bike shop open for a payday treat, but got sidetracked Uptown, watching a movie shoot. Continue reading