House at S. Saratoga and Foucher

House at S. Saratoga and FoucherToday looked so lovely, and it was, but the wind was heavy on my ride home from school.  My legs are feeling tired lately, so I was taking it as easy as I could, pedaling lightly down Freret.  It is always surprising how different a ride down Freret is from a ride down St. Charles.  And they are only a few blocks away.  Continue reading

Bus Stop at Freret and Cadiz

Sometimes I really don’t understand the rebuilding priorities in this place.  There is so much to be done.  Just today on my ride home from work I passed a decaying house with missing doors exposing a moldy high chair, stacks of old newpapers, and a spare bike tire that particularly caught my eye.  Continue reading

Staircase at Baronne and Amelia

Today is a beautiful fall day in New Orleans.  In other words, it’s in the eighties and sunny, with clouds dotting the sky just enough to offer shade when you need it.  I rode my bike home from work today down Freret St. rather than St. Charles, and I’m glad I did.  Continue reading

Mural on Freret

I rode down Freret Street on my way home today.  This ride always reminds me of how uneven recovery and development is in this city.  Tulane’s campus is beautiful, of course, and Freret to Carrollton takes one by some really fancy homes.  Continue reading

Water Leak on Freret

The rain was coming down this afternoon, but that didn’t mean I was getting off my bike.  We just got back together, you know.  So I bought a $3 poncho from the bargain store and just rode around, running various errands and enjoying the cool weather.  Continue reading