Trees at City Park

It’s Mardi Gras Thursday–or Muses Thursday, if you, like most folks I know, have been waiting for this parade in particular. The parade isn’t until tonight and I had the day mostly free, so I took the bike out for a ride to this appointment and that appointment, and then rode out toward City Park to check out the folks already gathering for this Saturday’s big parade. Continue reading

Parade Ladders on St. Charles Near Marengo

I had a long day at work today–teaching, meeting with students, grading, writing schoolmarm-y emails and glowing recommendation letters–and by the time it was over I was ready to just get home and put the heating pad on my neck. But first, PARADE! Continue reading

Power Lines at Tchoupitoulas & Euterpe

I didn’t ride my bicycle today. I wanted to, what with the sunshine and the light breeze and the cooler temperatures, but my body has made it clear that it needs a day or two out of the saddle, and I decided to listen (a rare choice, if you know me). So how can I write a blog entry, if I didn’t see anything while riding my bike around today? It’s time for a guest post from a pedestrian! Continue reading

(Seemingly) Drunk King Arthur at 6th & St. Charles


I woke up early this morning and remembered that there were more parades. More parades! If you can’t tell, I love this time of year. I made myself sit down and do some work before it was parading time, so I walked over to the coffee shop, graded some papers, and bounced up and down in my seat until it was time to head home, grab the bike, and get to C. and P.’s for the first parade of the day–Krewe of Carrollton. Continue reading

Krewe of Pontchartrain Riders at 6th & St. Charles

Oh, my legs are heavy today! Two days of long rides and a sunburn (antibiotics+sun=no good) have left me exhausted, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to miss a daytime parade on the first weekend of Mardi Gras. Please. I considered walking, but a bike is faster, so I put the bike in a low gear and headed over to find C. and P.’s corner where I always know I’ll find healthy bead competition. Continue reading

St. Mary’s Academy Maryites Marching Band at 6th & St. Charles

I woke up this morning with parading on my mind. Which meant I couldn’t really concentrate on anything, so after trying and failing to get some work done, I took the bike out to work out some nervous pre-Mardi Gras jitters. The sun was shining bright, the skies were clear, and I was flying through neighborhoods, feeling incredibly happy. Continue reading

Parade at Magazine & Nashville

I felt inexplicably exhausted after teaching today, so my ride today was nothing but the commute. After a long afternoon working in the office, I put my heavy legs on the bike and headed to the grocery store for a couple things. As I came up on Magazine from Nashville, I saw a parade coming down the street. A parade! Oh, that’s right–it’s Mardi Gras! Continue reading

Closely Parked Cars Near Dauphine & Pauger

Carnival is upon us again, and even though I was feeling a bit under the weather, I wasn’t about to miss my last first-parade-of-the-season as a resident of New Orleans. I hopped on my bike and headed downtown without a sweater or anything, because I swear it’s already summertime. The traffic was crazy once I crossed Canal as folks gathered for Krewe du Vieux. Continue reading

Police Barricades at Canal & University Place

For some weird reason I was sore all over today, which meant my bike ride was a little tough–none of that “gliding over glass” business today. After work I decided to go for an easy pedal with lots of stretching. I headed up to the levee so I could ride unencumbered, but no matter how I spun, my legs just felt like lead. I made it out to the Huey P. Long Bridge, rested at the picnic table for a few minutes, and then headed back. You know what I saw? Continue reading

Extras Restaging a Parade at Chartres and Kerlerec

Yes, Mardi Gras is over, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a parade today. Can I just say I’m totally over parades right now? But this was a recreation of the Krewe du Vieux parade in 2006, right after Katrina and the broken levees, and they were paying me $100 to pretend to not be over parades, so I hopped on the bike and headed down to Washington Square Park to hurry up and wait. Continue reading